What kind of makeover did the Manager QuickView get?

Standardizing Manager QuickView to mirror the Personal QuickView

The Manager QuickView was the first of the 1-page “QuickView” branded reports we release in 2012. We are pleased to announce that we have updated the Manager QuickView content to follow the layout of the Personal QuickView report, which includes additional insights like Trait Pairs.

  • Column 1 contains the “name tag” graph, the Summary Paragraphs, and the Trait Pairs.
  • Column 2 will include what we have always called “What makes a person TICK” –Traits (including Logic and Energy Measurements), Interests, Communication and Backup styles, and Key Action tips. 

You may have noticed from that list that we have added Backup Styles to the Manager QuickView and the Personal QuickView. This content is an exciting addition to both reports!

Manager QV

We have updated the MANAGE PowerApp eLearning course and workbook to reflect the changes to the Manager QuickView report for those currently using that PowerApp.