What are the recent terminology updates?

Updated Terminology having to do with the Natural Self, Outward Self, and Survey Sender.

We have streamlined our language to clarify several key concepts in PDP.

This upgrade in terminology will include the following items:

1. Basic/Natural Self > Natural Self. We dropped the term Basic. As we advance, we will refer to this concept simply as the “Natural Self.”

2. Predictor/Outward Self > Outward Self. We dropped the term “Predictor”. Going forward, we will refer to this concept as the “Outward Self.”

In both these instances, the terms Basic and Predictor did not substantially add value to the idea described and mainly served to make the language clunky. These minor updates will streamline the language by eliminating unnecessary labels when speaking or reading. The graphics below show the updated Data Sheet labels and TeamScan report names.

Updated Data Sheet labels

Data Sheet - Natural and Outward Self

Updated TeamScan Report names

Team Report Name Changes 3

3. Feeling > Intuition. We renamed Feeling Logic to Intuition Logic. Read more about that change.

4. Renamed the course from PDP Assistant to Survey Sender. This course is for individuals who assist PDP Professionals in sending out survey invitations. The Survey Sender is the most introductory of all our courses, and the name change better reflects the function of this user in PDPworks.