What updates are there to Feeling Logic?

Clarifying Logic by updating "Feeling" to "Intution"

On October 6, 2023, we officially changed the Feeling Logic style name to Intuition.

We have found over the years that the term “Feeling” can create some confusion, which the word Intuition does not. In the PDP Manual, we already describe Feeling Logic as “Intuitive,” so changing the term is not a big stretch. We have field tested this name change with client users, and the response was an astounding vote in favor.

Users will also see the abbreviation on the Data Sheet trait circle changed from FEL to INT. See illustration below:

INT data sheet

Want to update your PDP Professional or ProScan Mentor pages to reflect the changes? You can find these PDFs in PDPworks under the eCampus tab under the “Updates for Manuals” header. Specifically, these pages address the updates to the two new Trait Pairs and the shift from Feeling to Intuition. 

Manual Updates 2

Learn about other terminology changes in this article.